Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I often hear adults giving advice to mummy that she should leave me to cry and fuss alone rather than picking me up at the slightest whimper, lest i end up demanding to be cradled 24/7.
I am amused because more often than not, they end up saying: "oh okay la okay la, carry you" when i whimper a tad more. Sigh... Bottomline - it is easy to give advice, til you are challenged with the situation yourself. Doesn't it happen all the time?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Who does my baby look like...more?

Ever wondered by what cosmic power one becomes an expert at deducing who a baby takes after? We often hear the "ah she got the mother's eyes, father's lips etc etc etc?"
Hmm, the experts can sound even more convincing than football pundits who predict the odds for weekend matches.

This is Daddy's first blog entry:

Its just amazing that you never get bored or tired looking at your child. Be it sleeping, awake or even crying for milk, you'd find her beautiful.

Its a tall order to leave the house for work every morning, as you always want that extra glance at your precious little one. I am sure God feels even more of this emotion. After all, we are made in His image, and each one of us matters to Him. That's the extent to which we are loved and cared for by Him.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Daddy!

If you have not already guessed,
the charming man with the stethescope in the delivery ward is my precious Daddy!
He provides the best tummy cushion for me to lie on! *thumbs up*
He is mummy's & my favourite guy! We love him!!!

Jesus watching over us!

Mummy constantly watching over me.

& Jesus is constantly watching over us!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guess who?

who is this?
(a) Is this the obstetrician who delivered me?
(b) The anesthetist who administered the epidural on mummy?
(c) Daddy goofing around in the delivery ward?


i n t r o d u c t i o n

name Maegan Ariel
born 9th April 2007 (Monday)
weighing 3.53kg
height 53cm

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

9th April 2007

Mummy’s usurping my blog to document the detail of events leading up to the 9th April 2007, Monday, 5.42 pm when I was born. Its gonna be a really lengthy one… trust me…

“Show” time! Early morning on 7th April, I tot the time has come for the arrival of jellybean. I took a long bath, styled my hair, pre-empting the confinement “no bath” rule. Then I woke jellybean’s daddy (JD) and left for my obstetrician’s clinic, to find that he was out of town!!! *sigh* I was referred to the stand in ob… I didn’t quite want him to deliver my baby, so I was glad he said I’m not ready for labour yet. But he warded me anyway, to monitor me. Only when I was doing my admission, I found out that he stated my condition as “threatened abortion”. What kind of term is that?!

My ob will be back on the 9th, jellybean will have to wait til then! I discharged on 8th and on 9th morning, I felt cramps! Again, I took a long bath and styled my hair. Went to my ob clinic, was so glad to see a familiar face. I was already 4-5cm dilated. Prior to warding me, he asked if I needed epidural ~ the clinic nurse was nodding her head encouragingly. I asked if its gonna be little or much more painful than it is now. He replied a bit more… as if he really knows… So trusting my ob, I said I’ll do without. Immediately I proceeded to the “first stage ward” of Gleneagles Hospital. As JD went to do my admission, the cramping pain increased, the filipino intern nurse brought me a chart with faces progressing from smiling (1) to grimacing (10) and asked me to tell her where my pain level is. As I wasn’t contracting then, I told her about 7. She shook her head, and said, “from your last contraction, I see you face, I think you are here”, pointing to 10. Okay… Another contraction came and I was screaming for epidural. My hair is now in a mess. I wonder how the lady on the next bed is so painless and busy sms-ing away! While waiting for my epidural, I pressed the red button attached to my bed three times… I must have frustrated the head nurse. She came, and found that I was dilating so well and exclaimed to the intern why I am still in first stage ward!

After being wheeled to the delivery ward, I was offered the “laughing gas” to ease my pain. My first raising of voice, “This don’t work!!!” I obviously dunno how to use it. Many times the tube delivering the relief, was disconnected from the inhaler. So I was inhaling in air… duh... Finally my epidural anesthetist came. Everyone was hurrying around me. Checking documents etc, found that they don’t even have my name, so can’t administer the epidural yet! By then I was screaming that my husband is admitting me now, so jab me first can! He say cannot… Argh! I think both the anesthetist and the intern has had their fair share of being screamed at by patients. They were very tolerant and remained extremely calm and jovial. While the epidural was eventually being administered, the both of them were happily chatting away, anesthetist checking out her biodata, as if I was non-existent, it was a hilarious.

In 15 mins, I was calm enough to say thank you! Ahhh… I’m so comfortable now, tucked between two L-shaped pillows and piled under warm blankets! JD finally found me at the delivery ward instead of the first stage ward. He missed all the hustle and bustle. He enters a room full of serenity. By the way, he took so long to return, coz he went to have lunch!!! Clever hubby. He bought me my childhood favourite, Delifrance peach tart!

I slept. He slept.

Soon, I was checked by my midwife, and found that I was already fully dilated. And was told my ob will be here at 3pm. I half prayed that he will come later, say 5pm when his clinic close, so I can snooze. Prayer answered, ob came at 5.15pm. JD stepped out to have his tea break – my peach tart! JD never fails to amaze me… can still eat knowing that a bloody sight awaits him.

Ob asked me to push, midwives told me to push as if I’m poopooing. Urm… what if I really… okay forget that, coz it didn’t happen. *phew* JD went to where the action was and watched, and did not puke. After a few pushes, our miracle was propped on my tummy at 5.42pm! Our little family spent a long quiet time at the delivery ward. The “madwives” as the midwives called themselves had a really busy Monday, thus explains the long quiet time! Praise God that I was surrounded by people who really can make me laugh.