Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On Top of the World *

Words that I have learnt:
Clear Blue Sky
Fluffy White Clouds
Chirping Birds

Monday, May 28, 2007


*Workout over*
Shook my socks off
Climb onto my massage chair

Note: Dun wake me til milk time

WorkOut Time!!!

Squat, Stand, Squat, Stand, Squat, Stand...
Mummy is establishing a healthy lifestyle for me already!
I hope she gives me a break though,
coz it made my lazy afternoon not so lazy after all...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Time Flies

It feels like just yesterday that I'm two days old!
I'm already 2cm taller and 1.5kg heavier!
In 20 years time, I wouldn't be sharing any information on my weight...
I'm also transforming from "looking like mummy", to "looking more like Daddy".
Either way i look charming! *smile*

Trick no. 1 - Always compliment your parents.

Friday, May 25, 2007

In Conversation With Daddy

Daddy & I squaring off...he tink he's a tough nut...wait till I wail...hee hee

A Bundle of Love

Just tot
you might like to know
that this is
my favourite
sleeping position.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


No, I do not have fishballs perpetually stuffed in my cheeks...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

High Tea Time!

Mummy said I was such a good girl by sleeping through her high tea session! Yes, she almost ate an entire salmon after having been barred from consuming any for 9 months! I had my fill too throughout the day... and Daddykins had to change my nappy amidst our shopping!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Oops, I dozed off while blogging...

My 1st time at Nursery

On Sunday, Mummy left me at the nursery while she attended service with Daddy. I knew something funny must happened, coz they were both laughing loudly at night. Apparently, the aunty who took care of me told Mummy I gulped down my milk very fast!

My 1st-month Cake

On 9th May 2007, I received a mini cake for my 1st month. Well I did not get to eat it, and judging from Mummy and Daddy's faces, they must have enjoyed it loads!

My 1st Walk in the Park

Last week, I went for my first walk around the estate. As you can see, I was so excited, I had to close my eyes! It was such a cooling evening, till Mummy had to wake Daddy and I up to go home coz we both dozed off...

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Tale of Two Grandparents

Besides Daddy and Mummy, I have two sets of grandparents who love me lots! Daddy's parents stay in the East, while Mummy's parents are from the West.

On top, we have Ye Ye who likes to fellowship with his computer, while Nai Nai is a good cook. They also like to travel. At the bottom, Gong Gong is a knowledgable man as I often hear Daddy discussing many issues with him, while Po Po can carry a tune and has her own album!
Can you guess which are my paternal and maternal grandparents?

One-Month Celebration

Daddy's long awaited post on my first month celebration...:)

6th May 2007 - Maegan's One-Month Celebration @ The Bayshore Clubhouse

The cooling comfort of the clubhouse, fronted by the glassy reflection from the swim pool. Add to that an array of Thai gastronomic delights from Lemongrass and many well-wishers, voila you know you got a party going!

Many thanks to our parents, family members, school mates and close pals that graced the occasion! We are extremely grateful for your gifts, and most importantly, choosing to spend precious Sunday with us.

Maegan, you can be glad to know you have inspired some young couples to bring forward their family plans.

Also, a special thanks to Cousin Nat for her nice painting of Maegan...:)

Both Jessie and I were knocked out by the evening, whilst Maegan was wide awake, as she slept through most of the day!

No Time...

Ever since I got home, I have not had time to blog! Been keeping myself busy with sleeping, feeding, changing nappies, bathing, fussing... Tell me where to find the time to blog?

Monday, May 7, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Yesterday was my first night back home, after having spent a wonderful four weeks at Granny & Grandpa's! Its no doubt i slept really soundly, after a bustling day entertaining guests at my one month old celebration! Daddy has got a thank you post to be uploaded for all guests who attended! Watch out for it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This is a message Daddy shared with some of his close friends the day after I was born!

Its quite amazing how I turned from someone who seriously thought I was going to end up marrying late and not have children till I am like 40, to become a father at 31. Yes no doubt I was socializing and making friends, Jeff and Wendy from church would know I met my fair share of misfitting potentials in years passed. You can surely plan your way around life, but the Lord determines your steps...

To fast forward the story - when Jessie and I discovered she was pregnant last year, it suddenly dawned on me the enormity of the parenthood task. Though I often rate myself as a driven person, I sometimes lend thought this was quite a big shoe to fill. Overnight, our 3-year plan of no kids was blissfully cut short by a year and a half.

Its amazing how fast I made friends with the little one inside her tummy. Sometimes when I don't have the energy to carry on smiling at idiots, or on the verge of throwing a shoe right across the conference table, I remember I have an appointed date to see my little one, and I find myself having the ability to carry on for some reason. (come on, dun bedeh me that everytime you have a situation, you just look to that corner of the ceiling and yonder a light shines, and you immediately see Jesus breaking through the wall and giving you a word of wisdom)

Anyway, when Dr. Gordon pulled Maegan out of Jessie's womb and laid her in front of us, it was just a magical moment. I was literally stunned for words, as I realise how beautiful this little baby is, even though she's soaked in blood and water. Sure everyone has their moment, this was unique, this was MY moment. At that time, you know you can and will do anything for this baby. You throw every limitation you set for yourself out of your mental window. Eh those cheesy hallmark cards are for real man!

I don't exactly know much about being a father, but I believe I have the best coach from above and two very decent earthly fathers. I'll probably shed plenty of tears at Maegan's wedding, but UNTIL then, I am just gonna savour every minute I spend with her.

Lastly, our family had some time alone after the delivery. I took Maegan in my left hand, and Jessie in my right, and we prayed. Wow, Maegan kept amazing still and her eyes just trained on me. Let me tell you, it was just sublime...priceless.