Monday, February 28, 2011

Kids Amazed. Parents Disarrayed.

Joshua's birthday was held at Safra's Kids Amaze.

Do I say A maze? It is really more A trap?

But I conquered it with no fear. My mother traced Joshua for 30 secs, lost him and scurried back to the start point. It took her a whole hour and a slower guide before she dared enter again, when she then had loads of fun on the three storey longest slide in Asia. Joshua's auntie, got lost in the maze and called for help. Daddy says the person who designed this ought to be - fill in the blank -

I was most excited with one particular present Joshua received.

It was from Grandpa R.

COOL, a real laboratory microscope!

Now lets check out Rabbit Taste Bud Sec.

Eewl. But Cool.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scaling the Singapore Flyer

While I am conquering the railings of the flyer at the toppestmost, two tourists were clinging on to their dear life, planting their bums on the bench. For the record, I never thought I will bother to visit this local attractions, but I already found myself at the flyer twice this year. Astounding. Once at night. Once in the day. If you ask me, daytime gives you a better view of Singapore.

Elly's Day

Indulged in Ben & Jerry's!

Blessed Birthday Aunt Elly!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ms Cool this CNY

In case you like to know,
every CNY, Daddy look forward to this annual delicacy.
He will give up all other CNY goodies, for this, and this alone.